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Bookshelf with a fire, and a casual gamer’s clever mouse

December 14, 2010

Now, The shelfI know there’s quite a bit of designers with cute ideas, but still.. Atleast some of us should know that books are precious, we should keep them from harm and so on. And what’s paper’s biggest enemy? Fire. But now you can buy a cute shelf with a firey name, Hélios, on which you can put books on one end, and on other is a live fire. Sitting by the fireplace and reading a book is nice, right? Well, atleast with that fire you should not be too much afraid of it running amok, since there’s 8mm (0.315 in) thick security glass surrounding it. Still, you shouldn’t put it into the kids’ room. And the sleek white design could be quite appropriate.. in the right room.

Want to buy it? Costs only 4755 USD!

Now, about that mouse. You know that usually people play computer games with mouse and keyboard? Well, there’s some games out there on computers that are more suited to playing with a gamepad. Well, look no further!

Shogun Bros, from Hongkong, has designed and promises to release such a cute Chameleon X-1 mouse in the first quarter, 2011. The mouse part is just regular, seven buttons, dpi on five different level, up to 1600, 125Hz polling, and ofcourse it connects with USB. Now, if you flip that thingie over, then you get a gamepad. The mouseIt has all the needed buttons (A-B-X-Y, Select-Start, and so on) along with the force feedback (Oooooh, it vibraaaates) just like those PS gamepads. But, just like with everything that’s not 100% one thing or other, it’s not absolutely awesome in either of it’s modes, but for a casual-regular user. Read more

Oh, quote of the week! “Imagination is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited while imagination embraces the entire world.” – Einstein

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